Between Fingertip & Key

The Album contains solo recordings where combination of recorded speech/electronics is improvised upon playing a prepared piano. The prepared piano is recorded first take only. Phrases revealing bad technics or microphone stands accidentally hit to the studio floor is all recorded. 

Microphones is pointed as near as possible towards the piano keyboard it selves. This cause the sound of my fingertips hitting the keyboard to take important place in the musical picture.

"Released from its causal consequence the action it selves becomes the attraction"

"You can say, well, this is really not a complete orbit…"

Between Fingertip & Key4:38
"Eh, and that... Hm, I didn’t think so much about that, to put it that way. I really just struggled to form something, strived to put something together… I remember… for several years and, eh… finally some songs and pieces took shape and, I was... let me see... it satisfied me."

"Yes. It is like that. It is of most importance, also because it is, it is abstract and has the ability – like no other kind of art – to bring  us in contact with a spiritualized realm. If one is gifted and blessed with what is called ’inspiration’, then, yes, art will arise. And it will contain a core of truth. A human beiing is given a connection to a spirited reality.
Music is a greater revelation than all wisdom and philosophy.
That is the truth.

The Pinpoint Whole6:05

A Reflection Caused an Action4:16

Wave Whisper5:42

I´altra Belta4:28
-"I'altra belta. Eh, eh, you can therefore say that the atonal music is, eh, isn’t more intellectual and less emotional? -Absolutely not! The atonal music is just as emotional as any other music, maybe even more so. But admittedly in another way.... I think we can say that we have arrived at a turning point. Here the harmonies floates freely. 
I'altra belta - The other beauty 
I'altra belta - The other beauty

-"You can say, well, this is really not a complete orbit.- Actually in every moment the electron has an inaccurate position and an inaccurate velocity, and between these two inaccuracies is the uncertainty relation.
Between these to inaccuracies
Between these to inaccuracies

-The uncertainty relation

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